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Amy Dallen is one of the most delightful people in comics! I frequently go to House of Secrets, the comic book store where she works and she is the reason why HoS is one of my favorite comic book stores in Southern California. Amy knows comics, Amy LOVES comics and Amy is an interesting and verbose person about comics and other nerd things. After seeing her on Wil Wheaton’s ‘TableTop’ show, I and many people told her that she needs her own show, maybe about comics. Geeks and Sundry now have given her that show and I am GLAD! I hope everyone will watch the show, support Amy, and maybe learn a thing or two about comics that they didn’t know before. :D

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    Not only is everything that Jean said true, Amy’s character once save my character in a Star Wars RPG that we’re both...
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    I think I’ve found a new favourite show to watch on Youtube. Amy Dallen is such a cool person. And she knows what she’s...
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